Here’s what went behind new SC guidelines on 498a cases that you need to know

The Male Factor (TMF)

498a timeline

On 27th July, 2017, a two judges bench of Indian Supreme Court has set new guidelines in dowry case investigation. In their judgement, Justice Adarsh kr. Goel and Justice Uday Umesh Lalit has set new guidelines in the proceedings of dowry cases in view of heavy misuse of the law. Some key points mentioned in this SC judgement are –

  1. One or more Family Welfare Committees to be setup in every Indian district by the District Legal Services Authorities.
  2. These committees will comprise of three members from the civil society.
  3. The committee members will not be called in as witnesses in any case
  4. Every 498a complaint will be sent to such committees for review. The committee may interact with parties and will create a report.
  5. The committee will submit their factual report to the authority who referred the case to them within one month of the date of…

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