Happiness. Hope. Ambition.

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thingsWhen did we become a therapy society? When did it become easier to tell everyone about our troubles, but not our successes? Do you ever think about that?

But what is happiness? How can we attain it?

Well… the idea is that happiness cannot be pursued. It’s not something you receive or stumble upon. It’s not something to be found while actively searching for it.

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Friday Fictioneers: Burnin’ Down The House

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friday-fictioneersI want to thank so many of you for the kind words of support last week. Some of you saw my initial explanation (which I deleted) for my harsh story, some guessed from the comments, and others read the title. While I wish I’d left out the explanation to start with, to let my writing speak for itself, I appreciated each and every kind word, and the feedback you gave. Friday Fictioneers is more than a weekly flash fiction site, for me. I feel like I know some of you, and I’m grateful to be in such fine company. Thanks to each of you!

On Monday I had two exciting events, that helped shake me from the difficult place I’m in right now– and that can’t be sugar coated: I’m working on tough stuff. I’ve spent the past week on my own, in a quiet place, as I begin…

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Quiet, Please.

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Years ago, when I was taking a unit on Environmental Education for my teaching degree, one of my professors was discussing how wisdom is perceived, depending on the culture. He had spent a good amount of time in Papua New Guinea, and talked about the fact that silence was a measure of wisdom and knowledge there. When people were quiet, this was an indication of intelligence. Silence is also a significant part of their culture and tradition.

This has stayed with me, through those years, not least because I am not really one to stay silent! I talk… quite a lot. But that’s had to change a bit over the last couple of days, because I’ve lost my voice.

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