A Few Notes on The Willow and my Writing Process

The Seeker's Dungeon

A few of you might have noticed that some of the scenes in the first chapter of The Willow, came from earlier short stories I’d written. In one of those stories, about a single mother and her two children going camping, the daughter has Down’s syndrome. Right before publishing the first chapter, someone questioned me on whether someone with Down’s syndrome could say a line she had said. Although I knew that I had researched it earlier and that it was indeed possible, I got scared that I would have to research every line that would come out of her mouth. Instead of staying true to the character, I just gave her dyslexia instead and walked away.

Ever since publishing that first chapter I’ve been kicking myself for the change, because that is just not how I write. I don’t try to create, but rather I allow the characters to…

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A Week of Penises

Life in the Boomer Lane

Jessica Jin is seen at a protest against a state law that allows for guns in classrooms at college campuses, in Austin, TexasThe current news about Anthony Weiner presents a unique problem to Life in the Boomer Lane. Having used all of her best humor in her previous two posts about him, she isn’t sure where to run with this latest inability Weiner has, to keep his penis in his pants. Weiner brings new meaning to the phrase, “Zip it shut.”

Weiner, destined for a life of mockery because of his last name, has, in this latest episode of poor choices, crossed the line in two ways. The first is that his wife, Huma Abedin, is the vice chairwoman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run for the presidency. Abedin has never in her long, distinguished career of service to Hillary, been engaged in an election as important as this one.

The second poor choice was that, among all of the sexually explicit photos he sent, was one of his underwear-clad crotch, as…

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Surviving Depression

Becoming Cliche

Some posts, like my last one, are so easy to write. The words and images flow to the page in no time. This post isn’t one of those. I’ve pondered it for weeks on end. How do I say it just right, so that I don’t look like a crazy person do the topic justice? Will I say it right? Will I embarrass myself? My family? The cats? They would never forgive me.

I am just going to stay in this tiny little ball and pretend the world doesn't exist. M'kay? I am just going to stay in this tiny little ball and pretend the world doesn’t exist. M’kay?

So here goes, for better or for worse. I have experienced depressive episodes for most of my life, for different reasons. I know now that I have a congenital liver disorder that can affect my whole body, including my moods. The psych symptoms are the hardest to deal with, and it doesn’t help to remind myself that these feelings…

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