Losing It (And Rediscovering It)


A few days ago I misplaced something in my own house.

It was a small stack of books. Five copies of my own novel that were earmarked for a giveaway on Goodreads. I had them. They were on the kitchen counter, right near the breadbox. They were there for days. And then I picked them up because I began to worry that they might get dirty, so near the breadbox – and the fridge. And the dog treats. And the amazingly agile high-jumping cats.

So I picked them up.

And then I couldn’t find them.

Oh my God, how I looked.

I remembered picking them up to protect them. I sort of remembered that it was about the same time I put away the Christmas presents. So I checked first with every Christmas present I put away. And then I checked where we keep the gift wrap and gift bags…

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When We Were Young…

Passion For Truths

When we were young,

When we were new

To this world…

We judged no one

And we thought no one judged us too.

But with each passing day,

And each passing moment,

Our heart is hurt,

By seeing what people say or do.

There are times,

When wished we hadn’t come,

To this blue planet.

What we once held true,

No longer holds true…

In an ever discriminating world.

And then one quiet night,

As if fate intervened,

A light so bright,

Brought back the vision of Love,

An everlasting Love..

A Love so true,

That knows not how to judge..

And then it dawned upon us,

That we need to remember..

To keep our spirits high,

But our expectations low.

With this knowledge by our side…

Once again we rejoice,

And rise above petty drama.

To see the actors involved,

In a new light.

A light of hope,


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What. Ever

Becoming Cliche

Today’s Daily Post prompt is “Agile.” Aaaand, I was stuck. Agile? I have the grace of a drunk badger. I can climb like a monkey at work, and I have to in order to reach some of my exhibits, but I have taken some hard spills. And with the exception of a pinkie toe a few weeks ago*** I haven’t broken any bones. And that which does not kill me is proof that I don’t have osteoporosis. So yes, I’m a tough nut to crack, but I’m not agile.

Helpers. The Caiman Lizard climbs to the top of his exhibit and sits on the edge to supervise my work. I call him Visa because he is everywhere I want to be. His perch here is 8ft off the ground.

My best friends at work? I write about them a lot, but they’re not so agile, either.

Eastern Box Turtle hatchling…

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This Is How CBSE Is Brainwashing Your Child

The Male Factor

CBSE Class7

Civics in CBSE Class VII

CBSE is telling your kids that their mothers are not valued in their homes as their work is not valued. In this aspect CBSE is comparing the mothers’ work to the work done by the housemaids and teaching your kids that household work needs to be valued higher to give respect to their mothers. So, now you should shell out extra money for the work done by the maids and also expect mothers to start demanding money for their love and care. It was seen earlier as feminists tried to pass a law for giving salary to the wife. So, according to this feminist lesson, mothers love will soon be available in market on sale (feminism and consumerism go hand in hand).

In India, a large population of women from poor families make a living by working in different households. Lot of these poor…

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Autistics – The New Humans

Passion For Truths

QUESTION:I am a mother of a son diagnosed with autism….I have worked with energy for what seems to be all my life. In the past years, I have been getting concepts that I do not really understand. Your channeling has been helping.

Here goes – My son’s magnetic system does not feel the same as ours. Is there a possibility that his DNA may have different magnetic structures than non-autistics? I can almost see this in my mind as strands running through some sort of chrysalis-type prism. Okay – I know that sounds nuts. I also feel this same thing around dolphins. He is particularly drawn to the calls of Humpback whale recordings. Is it possible that the cetacean connection to autism is in the magnetics? His communication (still nonverbal) has been progressing in leaps and bounds over the past year. Are the magnetic grid alignments becoming more compatible…

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Living in A Multiple Choice World

Life in the Boomer Lane

Life has been either quite complicated lately or quite easy, depending on whether you prefer some semblance of truth or whether you simply prefer choices, based on nothing at all.  We’ve had a lot of the choice thing in the past week or so:

  1. All of Africa and Haiti are shithouse countries.
  2. All of Africa and Haiti are shithole countries
  3. Nothing was said about Africa, Haiti, or anything having to do with feces

  1. The Presidents’s shithole remarks are racist
  2. The President’s shithole remarks aren’t racist
  3. Why are we talking about this when we can be talking about Hillary, instead

  1. The Sahara desert was covered in 15 inches of snow
  2. The Sahara desert had a freak snowfall of 15 inches
  3. The Sahara desert needs some fake “global warming” real quick

  1. Michael Wolff wrote a tell all book about the President
  2. Michael Wolff wrote a smarmy pack of lies
  3. Michael Wolff is…

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Notes From the Zookeeper: Gratitude

Becoming Cliche

I love my job. There are so many things to be grateful for.

The first call is the critically endangered Golden Dart Frog. The second call is a Bumblebee Dart Frog. I have played these calls back to them for fifteen minute stretches three times a day, five days a week for several weeks now. It gets them grooving.

  • Ingenuity and success. Bowers made of coconuts cut in half are recommended for breeding Dart Frogs. I only have one, and my Annulated Boa has commandeered it. So I made due with what I had – black snake hide-boxes set atop the lids from Chinese food takeout containers. And you know what? It worked!

These are just a few of the eggs hidden in the exhibit. If they hatch, Dad will carry them to a water source on his back. Check back in about 10 days days.

  • Hoses…

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