Three Ways to HOOK a Reader & Never Let GO

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Image courtesy of Randy Heinitz via Flickr Creative Commons. Image courtesy of Randy Heinitz via Flickr Creative Commons.

How do we sell our stories? That is the big question. It is the reason for craft classes and editing and cover design and agents and editors and all the time on social media. And while platforms and covers and algorithms do matter, there is one tried and true way to sell more books.

Write a great story.

And not just any story, but a story that hooks from the very beginning and only continues to hook deeper.

Think of great stories like concertina wire.

The danger of concertina wire is not just in one hook, but hundreds. And it isn’t even in the hundreds of hooks. It is the tension created by the coiled structureIf a person is snagged even a little, every effort to break free (turning a page for resolution) only traps the victim deeper in…

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New video. Giveaway winners. New Giveaway.

Cristian Mihai

Hi guys,

New video is online now.

Our society has adopted a therapy culture. We complain, we like to do so, with disregard to the effects complaining has on the mind.

Also, the giveway winners can be found in the description of the video.

Oh, and a new giveaway can also be found there.

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