One Lovely Blog Award

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My friend Saaranshsinghpundir have nominated me for One Lovely Blog Award. The name of the award is “lovely” as the award itself. :-)  Saaranshis a great writer who pens down the emotions beautifully in his posts. Its always enjoyable to read his awesome poems. Do visit his blog for reading great literary pieces. :-) I would like to thank him for considering me for this honour and would like to apologise too for being late, more than a month in responding to his nomination.



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Seven facts about me

The seven facts will be same which I shared recently in Versatile Blogger Award – Take 2 post.

  1. I…

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Walking With Intention Day 27 by Badfish

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Miracles of Intention 

by Badfish of Badfish Out of Water

Some days have a way of turning out differently than you intend. Some people might call this luck. Some people might call it coincidence. Others, serendipity. And some call it karma. The short, secular definition of karma is simple: “cause and effect.” You do something bad, you receive ‘bad’ payback in return. You do something good, you receive ‘good’ payback. Some wise men say that the cosmos does not care what you “intend” to do; the only thing that matters is what you actually do.

I may have gone a tad guantanamo on my persuasion strategies while trying to train the smallest-sized ants (out of the seven varieties sharing my rental house in Ubud) not to use my kitchen counter as their personal highway to some ill-perceived gastronomic nirvana of theirs. I don’t like killing ants. I don’t…

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The Garden II

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A FB friend asked me to continue this story, and since she has put up with me for more than ten years, I thought it only right to oblige. Besides, she’s the biggest fan of my fiction (who is not blood-related) that I am ever likely to find! :)

 A Proud Member of Rarasaur's Li'l Peppers! A Proud Member of
Rarasaur’s Li’l Peppers!

For Tina.

National Blog Posting Month 2015 National Blog Posting Month 2015

The tiny, wooden clock on the fireplace mantle gave off its characteristic, pre-chime click, rousing Branna from her thoughts. She smiled as she watched the little cuckoo dart out of its hole to announce the four o’clock hour. Henry, who had been enjoying the afternoon sunlight, turned his furry head around as if to say, A few more minutes won’t hurt. Branna cooed at him under her breath, and rubbed behind his ears, eliciting a deep purr before he took the hint and bounded from her lap. Branna liked to think…

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