Three Steps Forward…

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Words fail me… piles of words, stuck in my head. 

Writer’s Block is an over-simplified term for what I’m feeling about words right now.

“You haven’t written anything in ages,” my friend pointed out, at lunch. “You haven’t even done your Friday Fictioneers–“ she adds, watching me.

I wanted to cry. Again. I seem to do that a lot lately. Cry.

It’s been a really rough couple of months, on so many fronts. Three steps forward in my efforts to evolve, and five steps back– some days.

Generally, that means I have lots to write about. That’s what I do: write. I figure things out that way; I process; I move forward and through things that are challenging, by putting them down and sending them out. But this time, I’ve been paralyzed. I see the weekly photo prompt for Friday Fictioneers (the weekly flash fiction challenge, that I’ve…

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Amsterdam Street Photography III

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(Fancy) Restaurant Hostess (Fancy) Restaurant Hostess

8 Photos in This Gallery, 3 color, 5 monochrome.

These are from the first and second day in Amsterdam.  I felt a few had a significant message in the color so that is how they are presented.  It is important not to be locked into any particular format.  Besides, when shooting digital you can have it both ways. My neighbors tell me the street in front of my house in Houston is a river.  One of them is going to check on the place today, but I really can’t do anything about it.

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