The Wonders of Bayeux – Photography

Children Of Light

photos by Eve

Construction of Bayeux Cathedral began in the Roman period, under Bishop Hugues, to continue under William the Conqueror’s brother, Bishop Odo (11th Century). Following serious fire damage during the 12th Century, the cathedral was rebuilt in Gothic style in the 13th Century. Construction of the central tower began in the 15th Century, under Bishop Louis d’Harcourt, to be completed only in the 19th Century following major work by Eugène Flachat.

Excerted from an interview with Ram Dass. A Conversation with Ram Dass by David Ulrich 2017 for Parabola Magazine.

“The soul is not part of the incarnation. It comes into the incarnation. And the soul is not afraid of death because it has done it so many times. And now the ego is individual, and the world at this moment is ruled by nations which are egos. And I find, for example, that the United Nations…

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The Search for Happiness

Life in the Boomer Lane

Thanks to the latest issue of National Geographic, we all now know where people are happiest on this planet. Contrary to what you might be thinking, it’s not the free food sample stations at Costco. Nor is it sitting in front of the computer, staring at friends’ Facebook postings and hearing the familiar ding that someone is texting you. It is even not being in the dentist’s office for one’s annual check up and hearing the dentist say, “There is nothing wrong with your teeth.” (Of course, Life in the Boomer Lane has never seen evidence that anyone has ever heard those words in real life.) It is, instead, the countries of Denmark, Costa Rica, and Singapore.

For those people who may be perplexed right now, LBL is here to help. Singapore is not the capital of  China nor the capital of any other country. It is an island…

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Tarot Readings – How Trustworthy Are They

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Tarot reading has been around for centuries. The Tarot deck was earlier used for playing card games and was called ‘Triumph Cards’. Tarot readings were earlier done behind closed doors as people thought it was a tool used for evil. People get wrong ideas when they see scary images on cards, like, Death or The Hanged Man.

Tarot reading is actually an occult science that believes that the causes of all events in human life are really internal and this internal knowledge includes all the details of phenomenal manifestation, past, present and future. During the reading, intuition is stimulated to evoke new insights helping you make better decisions about problems that logic cannot handle. It reveals personal truths and insights you may not want to acknowledge.

Tarot reading uses 78 tarot cards which are interpreted through symbolism and imagery. There are many different Tarot Decks and each has something unique…

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Three Little Kittens – The Sequel


A few weeks ago, I shared a little story (The Pushover) about how a tough heartless family (also known as: us) took in 3 foster kittens for a temporary, 10-day stay. And how they stayed. Permanently.

IMG_20171113_093907_processed (1)

The little monsters are six months old now.

They are adorable, demanding, playful and naughty.

And hungry. I never saw such good eaters.

They will eat their own food, then our old cat Lillian’s food, and then they take on our dog Theo’s kibble. They do not care if he is eating it at the time.


They may be triplets, but they are also unique.

There’s Niko. He’s sort of the E.T. of the feline world. A friendly alien.


And Athena.  Beautiful, aloof. She’s Greta Garbo. “I vant to be alone.” Yes, I believe Athena has a foreign accent.


And then there’s Thor. He’s cuddly. He purrs. He drools. He’s a goofy-eyed dreamer.



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Democracy, In A Spin

Life in the Boomer Lane

Journalists are constantly quoting Trump, as he bounces from one extreme to another, in reaction to domestic and world events. One might think they do this as though there is actual credibility in the utterings of our Chief-of-State. Lately, Life in the Boomer Lane has suspected that they do it mainly as a reason to be appalled at the contradictions.

LBL suspects that Trump enjoys all of this hoopla.  He probably has a carnival wheels installed in his various homes, redesigned to provide answers on any number of subjects. He  spins the wheel and whatever it says is the utterance for the day or the moment.

These answers, although constantly changing and providing a never-ending supply of angst, humor, irritation, and anger on the part of whatever segment of the population still cares about leadership, do get a bit boring after a while: (insert the name of a country) sucks/I…

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