A glance at “Crushing the Microstakes” by Nathan Williams

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CrushingthemicrostakesPoker is quite possibly one of the most complicated games on this planet. Some say it’s a game of chance, while others say it’s a sport. The debate has gone off for a long time, but books like “Crushing the Microstakes” is proof that people can really become good at poker. All it takes is a little bit of research and experience.

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The Bucket List Experience You Can’t Buy

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I’ve been MIA lately, aside from my weekly Friday Fictioneer stories. I’ve been in a rut, struggling to get things written. It’s not for lack of inspiration; I’ve got lots on my mind these days! However, it seems that since I started writing for Huffington Post I’ve been a bit paralyzed, trying to write what has come so easily in the past. It’s me, not them. But I’m planning a writing retreat in the next couple of weeks, and I’m working to get back on track. Today, lots of inspiration!

Admittedly, I’m a lucky girl. As a young person, I went without a lot of things; I worked 3 jobs most of the way through college, and I didn’t spend my money on luxuries. Having raised three children, and worked for 30 years to support my husband’s career, admittedly, we’ve been in a pretty sweet spot for the past few…

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Sunday Streets HTX

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Bikes and Tattoos Bikes and Tattoos

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Sunday Streets HTX is a program in Houston, Texas where streets in densely parts of the city are closed to automobile traffic on Sunday afternoon while bikers and pedestrians are invited to roam.  This past Sunday Westheimer was reserved for bikes and pedestrians.  It is in the center of the inked, hipster, gay and alternative community.  Bars and restaurants were packed, and a number of pop-up food stands were in business.  I treated myself to a tasty breakfast taco.

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