You Are Entitled


Yesterday, a friend posted this meme on Facebook.


And in a way, I agree.

It aggravates me (like it probably aggravates everyone) to hear people complain that Life is not fair.

No. Life is not fair.

Sometimes you don’t get the job, even though you deserve it. Sometimes your marriage ends even though you gave it your best. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. And sometimes, good things happen to bad people.

Sometimes you have a right to complain your ass off. Cheating and discrimination and abuse should be exposed. By screaming.

But sometimes people bitch about trivial shit that – although certainly unfair – is just too bad. Just suck it up.

Someone cut in line and got waited on first. Someone got praised at the office for work that you did. Someone happened to be born richer than you.

Suck it up.

So, yeah, in some ways, …

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Taking Sides


Although I recently posted about giving people the benefit of the doubt, I admit that this practice doesn’t always work.

Most importantly, we should never explain away or excuse bigotry, violence, or abuse.

But even in more simple everyday ways, we need – when giving the benefit of the doubt – to make sure we are being generous to the right people.

Here’s a story a friend told me:

She and her husband were driving home from dinner. He was behind the wheel. They came to a four-way stop. Another car on their left got to the stop several seconds after they did. Just as her husband stepped on the gas to go, the other car jumped into the intersection and sped off, causing my friend’s husband to hit the brake hard in order to stop in time.

“Jesus  H. Christ,” the husband yelled. “What an asshole!”

And my…

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Pregnant Women, Large Men, TSA Pat Down Sex, and Cheetos

Life in the Boomer Lane

Life in the Boomer Lane has just returned from a visit to see her son in Charleston.  She chose a 6:05 AM return flight, in order to get back in time to go to her painting class. When she scheduled the flight, she was focused entirely on enjoying the company of her son, her daughter-in-law and her baby granddaughter. She didn’t give much thought to the idiotic choice she had made in her return flight.

When she checked in online, she noted that the entire back half of the plane appeared empty.  In a shrewd maneuver,  she changed her seat from Row 5 to Row 16, assuming that she would have the row to herself.  She congratulated herself and turned her attention to other matters.

She assumed the flight would be without incident, unlike her flight from DC to Charleston,  in which there was a brief verbal altercation…

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She Eloped With Me Last Valentine’s Day, I Am A Rapist Now

The Male Factor (TMF)

Valentine's Day, Rapist, Elopement

“She eloped with me last year on Valentine’s Day, and I am a rapist now and want to commit suicide.

I am devastated today and need your urgent help.”

Wrote a young lovebird from Eastern part of India. He just finished his college, and joined a work when the girl he loved wanted to elope with him as she was fed with the torture of her parents. The story however has more shocking dimensions.

When I received his email one week ago, I was scared, very scared for the future of our boys. The story is given below. Names of the places changed to maintain confidentiality.


“I beg you to please read my comment. I am suffering from a fake rape case filed by my ex-girlfriend. My story goes like this. We met in college. It became an affair when I was in final year of my graduation and…

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This Is The First Look At The Weird Feminist Theory To Justify Women’s Reservation

The Male Factor (TMF)


While proposing equality, the feminist Gender Justice Warriors propose that equality of opportunities is not enough to ensure justice and hence equality of outcome is needed to be ensured (this theory is the origin of the notion that because of centuries of oppression, women need to be given better facilities today to ensure justice for them). In this regard, a very popular feminist thesis was published by Anne Philips in The Journal of Political Philosophy in 2004 (this is also part of research archive of London School of Economics, LSE). In this paper, she discussed the theory of ‘Equality of Outcome’ from various perspectives.

In my previous article of this series, where I have started analysis of gender justice theory as proposed by Anca Gheaus, I have shown how the feminist concept of gender justice, fails us in all 3 basic promises of…

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