How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Alcohol

The Male Factor

Of all the substances a person could abuse, alcohol is the most available. No matter where you are, you probably only have to travel a few blocks to get your hands on the hooch, and you’ll find it at virtually every social gathering. But this doesn’t negate the dangers of alcohol abuse. There are many.

If you take it too far and become addicted, you run the risk of developing major health issues like cancer, heart disease, liver disease and brain damage. No one chooses to walk that path. It only happens after addiction takes over.

This is why it’s important for everyone in our society to learn how to have a healthy relationship with alcohol. It’s everywhere you turn, so you need to know how to handle it.

Here are some tips for forming a healthy relationship with alcohol:

1. Limit drinks per sitting

Binge drinking is a major…

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Oh, Now I Understand


This morning at breakfast, I had some very nice toast and butter. My husband and I are careful with the carbs and the calories, so really good bread is a treat. We are also careful with the evening snacking, so I was really hungry.

But there was a pair of sad, pleading eyes staring up at me. A bottom lip thrust a little bit out.


And as hungry as I was, I gave that last bit of toast, so nicely buttered, to Theo.

Which of course made me think of:

My Mother.

Oh, she doesn’t have those mournful eyes or that trembling lip.


I’m thinking of her because now…

Now I understand.

I never had children of my own. Motherhood was a concept always just out of my reach, always just a bit out of focus.

But now I have a dog.

And now I am just a little…

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A Merry Reading Holiday to You!

Ann Fields

The Longest Nine Months by Carol Balawyder

Longest Nine Months

When I read about the release of this latest installment of “A Getting to Mr. Right” series by Carol Balawyder, I hurried to order my copy. When I received it, I put aside the book I was reading to start right in and I was glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed this novelette. In fact, there are so many good things to recommend about this story that I decided to give it the 12 Days of Reading treatment.

Day One of Reading – In “The Longest Nine Months,” Campbell and Chand agreed not to have children. But a surprise pregnancy reveals Campbell’s change of heart; she wants the child, and thus I was reminded that “it is acceptable to change one’s mind as long as the change is an authentic one.”

Day Two of Reading – Early in the story, Campbell quits her…

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Insurance industry in India


Insurance is a part of financial services apart from banking, capital market, money market etc. Insurance is considered as a protection from events which results into financial loss. The insurance industry in India comprises of life insurance, general insurance, stand alone health insurance and reinsurance. The Indian insurance industry is guided by Insurance Act, 1938 which was amended from time to time, the latest amendment happened in 2015.

This post briefly gives an overview of insurance sector in India particularly discussing about the regulator, life insurance, general insurance, stand alone health insurance and reinsurance. The life insurance comprises of around 79% of the market, the rest 21% is occupied by general insurance. Of the general insurance, motor insurance has the highest market share of 44% followed by health insurance having market share of 29%, as per IRDAI Annual Report 2015-16. It is worth to mention that the insurance industry in…

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