Bangalore mass molestation – how media created stories

The Male Factor (TMF)

On the morning of 3rd January, 2017 one of my readers from a different city asked me about Bangalore’s night of shame on 31st night and my observation of the same. I was clueless about any mass molestation that could have taken place in MG Road, Brigade Road area as I opted to stay at home this year. Also I stopped following mainstream media stories after realizing how they had created false stories around Nirbhaya rape.

So to understand and to investigate into the matter I tried to search on web and in social media. The source of all news seemed to be a Bangalore Mirror article that first claimed about mass molestation of women. So I tried to read the same to understand what really happened –

bangalore-mirror on Bangalore Mass Molestation

Bangalore Mirror took one full day to report such a crime or it was afterthought?

Looks like Bangalore Mirror’s Swamyji…

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