My Jug, not one but many – that is why MRM is awesome

The Male Factor

Who is a ‘Jug’? Jug is a friend who will be of your help at any time of the day. A jug will always give you a patient hearing, not try to judge you by your actions and will not undermine you. If the new Sharukh Khan Starrer Dear Zindagi has something different to show, that idea is taken from the camaraderie of MRAs. That is another reason I find my transformation from a feminist to an MRA had been awesome.

dear-zindagi A promo of Dear Zindagi

When I joined MRM, it was still a politically incorrect cause. Fighting for a politically incorrect cause of men’s rights was a boon for me. I started writing for men’s rights around the Nirbhaya case. The toughest time in history of Indian men’s rights. Nirbhaya incident turned the world upside down for men. Even though it defied logic why other men needed to feel…

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