Candid with Anil Kumar –a global synergy can take MRM to next level

The Male Factor (TMF)

Anil_ICMI16Anil @ ICMI, London, 2016

Partha – Hi Anil, Congratulations for representing India at International Men’s Conference (ICMI, 2016) for the second year in a row and thanks for agreeing to share your experience at International Men’s Conference (ICMI, 2016) with my readers.

Anil – Thanks Partha. Well, I have worked closely with American Men’s activists since 2009. It is logical that all Men’s Rights organizations and experts across world to join hands together in dealing with serious issues that impact ordinary men across the world.

ParthaHow do you think International Men’s Rights Movement has evolved over the last few years?

Anil – Significant changes occurred during 2006-2009 in International men’s movement. One of the major changes was that the men’s movement took a more centrist position rather than aligning itself with the conservatives, the right wing or the religious groups. This gave the activists to work on…

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