Everything Is So Amazing! (If you stop to notice…)



It’s been a very long while, blogging friends. Some of you have no doubt forgotten me. I would understand; it’s a fickle world sometimes, and out of sight… out of mind. Admittedly, my head has been in other places. Stuck? Yes, a bit. Writing has not flowed like it usually does… even though my thoughts are endlessly writing something new. But I’m currently in Israel, with my 8 month old grandson (who I’m not allowed to share here) and I get so swept up in his brand of magic, that I forget to do much else… including sleep! I’ll catch up later. I always tell my kids “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!”

We attended our daughter’s wedding just 2 days ago and I’m still floating. I wrote this piece a while back, and never posted… the magic of the past few days reminded me to put it out there. *Note:…

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