My Life in Junk Mail

Life in the Boomer Lane


The US Postal Service, for the first time in over 100 years, has lowered the price of a first class stamp. Before you rush out and send greeting cards to all the people whose birthdays you have forgotten about for the last 10 years, be aware that most of them have already stopped talking to you. And be warned that the saving is only two cents per stamp.

How can the price of a stamp be going down? The post office has been losing money for years.  But, as precarious as the postal situation is, know that it’s junk mail that actually keeps the post office afloat, even if the boat is leaky and one of the oars is lost and the rowers are completely drunk and the boat is headed toward some seriously scary rapids. But, if it weren’t for junk mail, it would have gone out…

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