Copycats – Part 2 (The Silly Side)


Ten days ago, I wrote about the little copycat I was as a kid. And how on one occasion in high school, a pretty and popular girl paid me a small but important compliment by copying my outfit.

Because I wanted that story to be a sweet tribute to the memory of my beautiful classmate, I omitted my two recent stupid experiences with copycats – the incidents that made me reflect on the meaning of Imitation in the first place.

They always say…. (well, my mother always says that ‘they’ say…) “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” It always seemed to me to be not only trite but untrue.

Copying is bad, right? And people who copy you are stealing your ideas, right?

As a general rule, that’s true.

A few years ago, I was part of a blogging group, and after sharing one of my more popular posts, another…

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