Leaving Hawaii

Life in the Boomer Lane


Life in the Boomer Lane has just returned from Hawaii, where she had the rewarding experience of spending many hours in airports and on planes, contemplating the human race.  At the Kona Airport, which is designed to look like a Hawaiian Village, rather than anything affording transportation, the gates were mere suggestions. LBL’s boarding pass said “Gate 2.”  The closest gate she could find to that was Gate 3, which, luckily,  turned out to be an excellent choice.

She noted the following:

Carry on bags are now approximately the same size as the bags people used to check in.  They are accompanied by “personal” bags the size of the average carry on.  The result is that people are getting onto planes, carrying about 100 lbs of clothing, etc. LBL is a permanent member of the Boarding Group 5 Platinum Key Club, and was only able to score overhead bin…

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