Guys – please think through your brain, not penis

The Male Factor

Dedicated to my friend Veerendra P of Bangalore

The Phallic architectureIf you think this is a sleazy article and is going to be overloaded with sexual content you are wrong. Because the concept I am going to discuss is more philosophical than sexual.

First time I came across this concept in a counseling session of male victims when a fellow counselor jokingly remarked to one victim that “please don’t think through your penis, use brain”. Everyone laughed, including the victim. The first level understanding of the statement was “make use your brain properly”. But as I kept on thinking about the statement I realized that it is deep rooted in male bahaviour of thinking which I shall explain in this article with examples.

This statement means that very often in relationship matters male decision making ability is overshadowed by their preference for their sexual partner rather than logical reasoning…

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