Decisions, Decisions


Years ago, I became friends with a co-worker whose life was very unlike my Ozzie and Harriet existence.

Especially in the boyfriend arena. I had no boyfriend of record. Karen had a boyfriend with a record.

And I don’t mean he was churning out hits like Ozzie’s son Ricky.

No. He was an ex-con.

Jeff had been in and out of prison a couple of times. Mostly drug charges and larceny. Can I say that this criminal was at heart a gentle soul? He seemed so to me.

Karen and I worked in a small office, upstairs from a liquor store (which was very convenient for everyone). Given that we were a small nonprofit agency, there wasn’t a lot of money for things like cleaning services, so Karen boosted her income by cleaning the office twice a week.

But most of the time, it wasn’t Karen who was doing the…

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