Hidden camera reveals DIL beating her MIL mercilessly

The Male Factor (TMF)

Social media is abuzz with and India DIL, beating up her 70 year old MIL mercilessly. I video released on social media shows this shameless act –

Sangita Jain beating MIL

Image source from the video on social media

Even though the veracity of the video is not yet established, this video shows merciless beating by the Daughter-in-law to a helpless old mother-in-law shocked many. Many on social media realized the dangers of one sided DIL centered family laws in India.

From the case details that we come to know from the social media channels, it becomes clear that she has filed false dowry harassment charge against her husband and rape charge against her father-in-law. Police initially refused to register a complaint against the DIL, but later they had booked her.

This incident clarifies the following –

  1. Never take back 498a / cruel wife.
  2. Never stay in the same house with your 498a wife…

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