And A Gratitude Miracle Happened!



It’s been two weeks since I posted 50 Happy Things, Bloggers Unite In A Flood of Gratitude, and the outcome has been nothing short of a miracle! Actually, some bloggers claim that posting their contributions brought miracles… I’ll get to that, later. First, I need to right a wrong. When I posted this project, I was misinformed about the history. Let me be clear: I thought I had it right; I believed what I put out there, but I did a injustice to a blogger I admire so much! In my intro, I stated that Jen at Jenny’s Lark, and I did this last year. True. I stated that I was inspired by a post Jen wrote in December 2014, of 50 Happy Things (true), and that it had originally been a Daily Prompt. False! That’s what I thought, but I was wrong. Turns out that the Daily Post that…

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