Dear kids – we failed to save you from the lynch mob

The Male Factor (TMF)

Petition Against Amendment to Juvenile Justice ActDear kids, today with a heavy heart let me confess that we failed to protect you from the lynch mob. Many of you are not born yet, many of you suddenly got your adulthood at premature age of 16 and you may not still know what danger lies ahead.

Many of you are not born yet. Many have suddenly become adults (only to be considered as criminals but for no other rights), we have now officially and legally reduced your childhood. In recent past we could hardly give quality childhood to most of you. Now we have decided to officially rob you of your innocence as we lost to the blood thirsty intolerant mob – thirsty for your blood even before you are born. These are your own parents or family members but they felt this necessary. Ironically only a month back we (me included) fought an intense battle to…

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