Puppy Lessons


Twenty-five days ago, Theo joined our family.

theo 9-19 framed Theo Roman – The Official Portrait

We had been a cat family. We’ve had as many as five at a time. We currently have three.

We’re good at cats.

We have a lot to learn about dogs.

I had a dog many, many years ago (like 45). But although I did a lot of the puppy training, I had loads of help from my parents and my brother and sisters. And to be honest, Sarge was an extremely sweet dog, but not exactly the best-behaved. (“Wanna Go For A Ride?”)  So I can’t claim to be an expert.

My husband had a dog – very briefly – more than sixty years ago. So he’s not much help.

But we’re learning.

Here’s what we’ve learned about dogs in the last 25 days:

  1. There is no such thing as sleeping in. Five AM is…

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