Defining Joy


Yesterday a friend remarked to me that he wished he had more joy in his life.

I felt bad for him.

My own day was filled with joy.

  1. When I woke up I felt the warmth of my cat who had nestled himself behind the crook of my knee.
  2. I showered with my favorite fragrant soap, with one of those net scrubbies that makes a ton of lather.
  3. I hugged my husband when he was fresh from his shower. He smelled of my soap mixed with shampoo and shaving cream.
  4. My husband made coffee, as he does every morning. We used the mugs decorated with maps of Paris.
  5. The toast came out a perfect light-brown, and I was able to grab it while it was still hot – so my peanut butter melted to a creamy liquid.
  6. When I turned the key in the ignition, the car started.
  7. With a car that…

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