Sadhavi Pragya’s Tale – Detailed Interview of Her Family!


Disclaimer – The information / views provided in the ‘answers’ to the questions below are solely of Sadhavi Pragya’s sister, Pratibha Jha and her husband, Bhagwan Jha. The writer is only the interviewer. The writer does believe that Pragya Thakur is innocent like hundreds of Indian citizens, but she has no means to validate the given information and therefore does not endorse it. The writer believes that Indian judiciary will do justice.

Acknowledgements – Thanks to each and every person who helped in making this interview reach this page. (Thanks to my spiritual gurus).


Q: Lets begin with the beginning. How difficult was it to believe that sadhavi pragya was an accused in malegaon blasts case? Did you anticipate this accusation?

BJ & PJ: No, we could not. We were shocked. If you look at our family background, we, specially sadhavi was always involved in various social welfare and…

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