Absolute Mayhem Is An Absolute Joy!


On the heels of a crazy weekend, where I found myself Freshly Pressed and featured on Huffington Post, it is such a delight to write about something that’s fun! That said, thank you so much to the folks at Word Press for the honor of being featured, and to the Huffington Post for sharing my work. If you have the inclination, I’d welcome any kind feedback on the HuffPost piece!

I’ve wanted to be a writer for… all of my life. From an early age, books were my friends and my escape from difficult times. Books seemed to hold all the answers. Ultimately, books are about words and words are what make my world spin. Long before I wrote a novel (still unpublished), or a memoir (still unpublished) or started a blog (alive and well), I wrote a children’s book. I submitted it to publishing houses and then collected the rejections.

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