How To Apologize Online

Becoming Cliche

Your comprehensive guide to issuing an apology when you have upset someone online, be it Facebook, Twitter, or an email to dear Aunt Sally. Study it. Memorize it. There will be a test later.

Apologize? Me? Heh.

  1. Be online.
  2. Make a mistake. This is not difficult. If you have covered #1, you are guaranteed to say something stupid/misinformed/offensive.
  3. Become aware of your mistake. This one isn’t all that hard, either. If a dozen experts (or even ONE) on a subject presents a counter-argument, there’s a chance you are wrong. Maybe do research at this point.
  4. Grow a pair. Pair could refer to whatever thing you associate with courage. Could be kittens for all I care. Just get you some courage.
  5. Say these words: “You were right.” or “I was wrong.” Use these phrases together for additional sincerity.
  6. Also say these words: : “I am sorry.” Another variation could be…

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Life in the Boomer Lane

Last week, Life in the Boomer Lane’s blog, cleverly titled Life in the Boomer Lane,  hit 15,000 followers. In order to put this number into perspective, she hereby provides you with a handy reference guide as to how significant this number actually is:

15000: The number of military deferments given to Donald Trump during the Vietnam war.

15000: The number of times Hillary Clinton had to testify about her emails

15000: The number of vehicles waiting in line to enter the Whole Foods Market parking lot in Arlington, VA on a weekday after 5 PM.

15000: The number of years science has been set back recently

15000: The number of times LBL has had some kind of mishap at the airport.

15000: The number of times LBL has heard “No problem” from people, instead of “You’re welcome”

15000: The number of inches long…

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Will You Recruit A Rapist?

The Male Factor

Recruti Rapist, Hiring rapist

The other day I received a phone call asking a very simple question – “Partha, I am getting into a new confidential project that has strict background verification of every team member. The form is asking if I ever had any criminal case against me”. The answer needs to be given in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; and I had a false 498a case against me with my divorce.”

In these cases, our standard reply always has been that you don’t hide anything, rather talk about your cases with everyone so that everyone becomes aware of these cases and legal terrorism in India. This had been a very successful approach so far as we have found that not only Indians have become aware of such frivolous cases, but even many countries have issued travel advisories against marrying Indian women. Interpol had withdrawn the provision of issuing ‘Red Corner Notice’ against 498a accused…

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Why the Wrong Shoes Are Doing You Damage

Life in the Boomer Lane

Life in the Boomer Lane loves shoes. Most of the shoes she loves have heels that are too high, too spindly, too ridiculous-looking for a woman her age. Hence, the search for fabulous shoes that have high heels, but are still comfortable, supportive, edgy, and make others swoon, “Where did you get those?”

LBL could easily write her own shoe blog, but she leaves this task to others. The following is a guest post from Sarah Jones, the writer at Kicks Choice. “She is a proponent of proper leg and foot health because she values the importance of the foundation of our bodies.”


If you are a slave to fashion or have had a knee, ankle or foot injury, then this is the article for you. The pursuit of beauty does not need to be painful. Aside from the obvious social blunders that can occur if you wear shoes…

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