The Misstate of the Union

Life in the Boomer Lane

The President of the United States gave his State of the Union address last night. The GOP sobbed with gratitude, awe, and undying love and respect for their Commander-in-Chief. “He’s the best!”  “He’s The Man!” “He is a gift from God!” were reactions heard over and over.  Democrats, in their ongoing attempt to urinate on the President’s parade, thought otherwise.

Life in the Boomer Lane, in her continuing effort to educate and enlighten the masses, using only her limited brain cells and unlimited creativity, now presents the definitive match up between the two groups.

GOP: Trump read the teleprompter correctly! He didn’t spill his water!
DEMS: He did and he didn’t, indeed. No argument there.

GOP: He brought people together!
DEMS: Yes, if by “people” you are referring to white people who voted for him.

GOP: He said Americans are dreamers too!  We are all dreamers!  We dream! We dream…

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Dealing With Depression And Suppressed Emotions

Passion For Truths

It’s quite ironic that we as a modern society living in the Information Age, still have so many cases of depression being diagnosed by doctors or medical practitioners. Often such people having depression actually report feeling lonely, lost, sad or hopeless. In my reiki healing practice, I too detect quite a few people with trapped emotions. Such people really need an outlet or ought to express themselves openly rather than keeping it all bottled inside. However, as a proportion of them fear being judged as dysfunctional, they resort to putting up a brave front by not admitting their emotional issues. Others remain silent due to the absence of a “willing listener”. Over a period of time, such debilitating emotions can turn out to be a silent killer.

In my healing work, I often rely on angelic/spirit guidance. On most occasions, I am asked by the Divine to practice reiki on…

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The Introverted Activist: What’s On My Mind

Becoming Cliche

If you dislike politics, Friday’s posts are where they happen. I try to have a specific day because not everyone likes to talk politics or agrees with mine, and that’s cool. There’s more to me than that. So if you’re here for the turtles and zoo stuff, feel free to skip Fridays. I’m just glad you’re here.

So we’re, like, three or four weeks into the new year, and already I’m exhausted by the mess we continue to make. Awesome. Last week was horrible, really. I’ve been through government shut downs before. My mom worked for the government her entire working life, and we’ve been there. We experienced the three weeks of furlough and wondering how the bills were going to get paid. I survived it. Shut downs don’t scare me anymore. They infuriate me, like during the Obama administration when we were going from one 3-month appropriations bill to…

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Possum Living: Laying the Ground Rules

Becoming Cliche

So back at the beginning of the year (is 2018 over yet, because it feels like it has hung around long enough!), I shared some of my goals. One of them was the most ambitious thing I have ever tried. Inspired by the book Possum Living (cool video here), I plan to go all of 2018 without buying anything I don’t NEED. Sometimes there is a giant grey area between needs and wants. Take books, for example. I need books like I need air. But do I NEED to BUY them? Unless it is a text for my job, probably not. This outline is rather fluid, and time may force some changes, but I will share any changes as a means of holding myself accountable.


  • Gasoline
  • Food
  • College tuition
  • Clothing (but NO T-SHIRTS)
  • Utilities and mortgage
  •  Cellphone – I have a Tracfone, so I have…

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Solidarity, Pussy Hats, and Fake Eyebrows

Life in the Boomer Lane

Last weekend, Life in the Boomer Lane flew down to Florida in order to visit friends and participate in the Women’s March in St Petersburg.  On the day of the March, everyone got ready.  The three wore shoes that would be comfortable to walk in, warm (for Florida) clothing, and carried bottles of water. In addition, one of her friends, who we shall call “Joyce” because that is her name, wore fake eyebrows.

A note to Readers: Lest anyone be imagining small caterpillars with adhesive on one side, LBL will educate you. These are more like the little rubber stamps with designs on them that are pressed into a powder and then used to stamp the designs on paper. Children love these and can endlessly decorate either paper or each other.

These eyebrows work on the same scientific principle. LBL and her other friend (Jean) were fascinated. They…

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The Benefit Of The Doubt


I recently heard someone I love very much say,

“At my age, I am not afraid to say what I think. I’ve earned the right to express my opinion.”

And I agree.


At my age, I expect civility, kindness, and respect.

If your comment is needlessly hurtful or disrespectful – even in the smallest way – I don’t want to hear it.

Keep your unkind thoughts to yourself, please.

And by the way, let me also say this:


I read an article not long ago about happy marriages. One of the keys to a happy marriage is to ascribe GOOD INTENTIONS to your partner.

I think this is true not only of marriages but in all of life.

We all need to try harder to judge people more kindly. Not to assume the worst but to assume the best. Or, if you…

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For many years I’ve enjoyed puzzles as a way to spend time with my family and friends,  as well as a quiet way to think things through and chill. It started more than fifteen years ago, always in summer. I’d put a big puzzle out on our dining room table, knowing the kids were home and we’d have hours to fill, and that there were no big holidays, so we wouldn’t need the larger table. Anyone who visited, or was here, could join in.

It’s a surprisingly great way to connect with people. Puzzles require that you sit (or stand) in one general place and concentrate, yet it’s easy to talk and as you search for pieces, as well. People tend to chat more with each other, and really listen, without outside distractions; with a puzzle, there’s no TV or screen to get lost in. It’s also a nice way…

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