Dreaming of Change

Ripples of Insight

Yesterday I drove from D.C. to the end of the Jersey Turnpike. And back. In the rain. Sometimes in fog and sometimes in the dark. But mostly in traffic. Probably about one-fourth or more of that stretch of highway is undergoing some form of construction. The vast majority of it is surrounded by concrete, factories, and high rises. There was a bit of water along the way but very little green that I could see. Yes, it is wintertime, but still. It was heartbreaking.

As many of you know, I am a follower of Dr. Joe Dispenza. Dr. Joe (as his students call him), a neuroscientist who has spent the last 20-30 years studying spontaneous healing, teaches people how to change their brain in order to transform their body and their lives. “To change your personal reality, you first have to change your personality.” I attended his last Progressive…

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This Is The First Look At The Weird Feminist Theory To Justify Women’s Reservation

The Male Factor


While proposing equality, the feminist Gender Justice Warriors propose that equality of opportunities is not enough to ensure justice and hence equality of outcome is needed to be ensured (this theory is the origin of the notion that because of centuries of oppression, women need to be given better facilities today to ensure justice for them). In this regard, a very popular feminist thesis was published by Anne Philips in The Journal of Political Philosophy in 2004 (this is also part of research archive of London School of Economics, LSE). In this paper, she discussed the theory of ‘Equality of Outcome’ from various perspectives.

In my previous article of this series, where I have started analysis of gender justice theory as proposed by Anca Gheaus, I have shown how the feminist concept of gender justice, fails us in all 3 basic promises of…

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Heart Space

Ripples of Insight

The view from our host’s cabana.

Winter is my least favorite time of the year. Even as a kid, I could take or leave the snow, and I have never, by any stretch of the imagination, enjoyed cold weather. As for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding? Blech, I am hopeless at both! No wonder I adored the time we spent in Hawaii. But this winter has seemed particularly harsh to me. Besides an early snowfall and frigid temps, the wind has been brutal. And if you know me at all, you have heard me complain about it too.

Enter a trip to Florida.

For eight days in January, I had the pleasure of basking in warmer climes with some amazing pickleball-playing friends.

Packed to the gills before heading south.

The entire trip down took twenty-two hours. Jeff asked if we ever ran out of things to talk about…

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The Misstate of the Union

Life in the Boomer Lane

The President of the United States gave his State of the Union address last night. The GOP sobbed with gratitude, awe, and undying love and respect for their Commander-in-Chief. “He’s the best!”  “He’s The Man!” “He is a gift from God!” were reactions heard over and over.  Democrats, in their ongoing attempt to urinate on the President’s parade, thought otherwise.

Life in the Boomer Lane, in her continuing effort to educate and enlighten the masses, using only her limited brain cells and unlimited creativity, now presents the definitive match up between the two groups.

GOP: Trump read the teleprompter correctly! He didn’t spill his water!
DEMS: He did and he didn’t, indeed. No argument there.

GOP: He brought people together!
DEMS: Yes, if by “people” you are referring to white people who voted for him.

GOP: He said Americans are dreamers too!  We are all dreamers!  We dream! We dream…

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Dealing With Depression And Suppressed Emotions

Passion For Truths

It’s quite ironic that we as a modern society living in the Information Age, still have so many cases of depression being diagnosed by doctors or medical practitioners. Often such people having depression actually report feeling lonely, lost, sad or hopeless. In my reiki healing practice, I too detect quite a few people with trapped emotions. Such people really need an outlet or ought to express themselves openly rather than keeping it all bottled inside. However, as a proportion of them fear being judged as dysfunctional, they resort to putting up a brave front by not admitting their emotional issues. Others remain silent due to the absence of a “willing listener”. Over a period of time, such debilitating emotions can turn out to be a silent killer.

In my healing work, I often rely on angelic/spirit guidance. On most occasions, I am asked by the Divine to practice reiki on…

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