She Eloped With Me Last Valentine’s Day, I Am A Rapist Now

The Male Factor (TMF)

Valentine's Day, Rapist, Elopement

“She eloped with me last year on Valentine’s Day, and I am a rapist now and want to commit suicide.

I am devastated today and need your urgent help.”

Wrote a young lovebird from Eastern part of India. He just finished his college, and joined a work when the girl he loved wanted to elope with him as she was fed with the torture of her parents. The story however has more shocking dimensions.

When I received his email one week ago, I was scared, very scared for the future of our boys. The story is given below. Names of the places changed to maintain confidentiality.


“I beg you to please read my comment. I am suffering from a fake rape case filed by my ex-girlfriend. My story goes like this. We met in college. It became an affair when I was in final year of my graduation and…

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