Pregnant Women, Large Men, TSA Pat Down Sex, and Cheetos

Life in the Boomer Lane

Life in the Boomer Lane has just returned from a visit to see her son in Charleston.  She chose a 6:05 AM return flight, in order to get back in time to go to her painting class. When she scheduled the flight, she was focused entirely on enjoying the company of her son, her daughter-in-law and her baby granddaughter. She didn’t give much thought to the idiotic choice she had made in her return flight.

When she checked in online, she noted that the entire back half of the plane appeared empty.  In a shrewd maneuver,  she changed her seat from Row 5 to Row 16, assuming that she would have the row to herself.  She congratulated herself and turned her attention to other matters.

She assumed the flight would be without incident, unlike her flight from DC to Charleston,  in which there was a brief verbal altercation…

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