This Is The First Look At The Weird Feminist Theory To Justify Women’s Reservation

The Male Factor (TMF)


While proposing equality, the feminist Gender Justice Warriors propose that equality of opportunities is not enough to ensure justice and hence equality of outcome is needed to be ensured (this theory is the origin of the notion that because of centuries of oppression, women need to be given better facilities today to ensure justice for them). In this regard, a very popular feminist thesis was published by Anne Philips in The Journal of Political Philosophy in 2004 (this is also part of research archive of London School of Economics, LSE). In this paper, she discussed the theory of ‘Equality of Outcome’ from various perspectives.

In my previous article of this series, where I have started analysis of gender justice theory as proposed by Anca Gheaus, I have shown how the feminist concept of gender justice, fails us in all 3 basic promises of…

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