Ordering A Meal in A Brave New World

Life in the Boomer Lane

Life in the Boomer Lane’s travel experiences have involved being felled by belt buckles, vending machines and assorted TSA agents. On this most recent trip, to Florida, the culprit was an airport restaurant.

At first, LBL was delighted. The section of National Airport in DC that serves Southwest Airlines is actually the original airport. It’s small and has contained no restaurants, only a coffee bar and baked goods. A new renovation provided a real restaurant, and LBL and Now Husband enthusiastically headed toward it.

When seated (without the benefit of a hostess), LBL’s sense of comfort started to diminish. An iPad stared at her, while another iPad sat staring at Now Husband, across the table. The iPads were tilted and met at the top.  LBL read the screen. The iPad welcomed her to the restaurant and provided a scrolling list of cities.  LBL assumed these were cities served by the…

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