Living in A Multiple Choice World

Life in the Boomer Lane

Life has been either quite complicated lately or quite easy, depending on whether you prefer some semblance of truth or whether you simply prefer choices, based on nothing at all.  We’ve had a lot of the choice thing in the past week or so:

  1. All of Africa and Haiti are shithouse countries.
  2. All of Africa and Haiti are shithole countries
  3. Nothing was said about Africa, Haiti, or anything having to do with feces

  1. The Presidents’s shithole remarks are racist
  2. The President’s shithole remarks aren’t racist
  3. Why are we talking about this when we can be talking about Hillary, instead

  1. The Sahara desert was covered in 15 inches of snow
  2. The Sahara desert had a freak snowfall of 15 inches
  3. The Sahara desert needs some fake “global warming” real quick

  1. Michael Wolff wrote a tell all book about the President
  2. Michael Wolff wrote a smarmy pack of lies
  3. Michael Wolff is…

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