Jesus and James, Bros for Life


Life in the Boomer Lane

In an astonishing find to usher in the Christmas holiday season, scholars have found a copy of the original Greek manuscript describing what Jesus secretly taught his brother James.

According to Science Daily, Biblical scholars at the University of Texas at Austin discovered the manuscript in the Nag Hammadi Library at Oxford University, where it may have been a tool teachers used to help students learn to read and write.

Life in the Boomer Lane cannot stress enough the import of this find. On the one hand, it would be a rare and precious resource that might shed light onto the world’s most well-known, influential, visionary, charismatic, and yet obscure figure of all of human history.  On the other, it’s a swell way to discover what bored students were doing during the fifth and sixth centuries AD.

Life in the Boomer Lane, ever the intellectual scholar, is choosing the second…

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