Will I Ever Listen?


Will I ever listen –

To myself?

I give lots and lots of advice. I am always writing about stuff that you should do or not do. Stuff to make you feel better or at least not feel so bad. Stuff to help you through difficult times or to enjoy sweet times.

I’m very good at doling out the advice.

And lots of people seem to appreciate it.

Apparently, I am not one of those people.

This year, I disregarded two of my most valuable pieces of advice.

#1:  Do not be ashamed of what you like.

I wrote about hearing a woman tease her friend about the romance novel her friend was reading. And the romance-novel friend kind of laughed and agreed that the book was a little trashy. I felt bad. Because I wanted the romance-novel friend to say,  “I LOVE THIS BOOK!” Because she did. And there’s…

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