It Takes A Certain Kind of Brain to Envision A Flat Earth

Life in the Boomer Lane

Life in the Boomer Lane, in spite of seriously hating high school and college science classes, has still unflaggingly maintained a deep respect for science, itself.  She may not understand gravity, but, as long as she stays attached to the earth, she fervently believes in it.  She may not understand aerodynamics but, as long as the plane she is in stays aloft, she fervently believes in it. And she may not understand the first thing about chemistry, but, as long as her allergy meds work and her antibiotics help her get rid of her annual bouts with bronchitis, she will defend the idea of chemistry to her death.

Because of all this, she has been becoming increasing aware that a respect for science, like a respect for honesty, open-mindedness, and emotional maturity, has been in short supply lately from those who lead. She has often joked that all of…

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