Democracy, In A Spin

Life in the Boomer Lane

Journalists are constantly quoting Trump, as he bounces from one extreme to another, in reaction to domestic and world events. One might think they do this as though there is actual credibility in the utterings of our Chief-of-State. Lately, Life in the Boomer Lane has suspected that they do it mainly as a reason to be appalled at the contradictions.

LBL suspects that Trump enjoys all of this hoopla.  He probably has a carnival wheels installed in his various homes, redesigned to provide answers on any number of subjects. He  spins the wheel and whatever it says is the utterance for the day or the moment.

These answers, although constantly changing and providing a never-ending supply of angst, humor, irritation, and anger on the part of whatever segment of the population still cares about leadership, do get a bit boring after a while: (insert the name of a country) sucks/I…

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