A Vacation in A Toilet

Life in the Boomer Lane

Loyal readers should know by now that Life in the Boomer Lane leads a pretty darn fascinating life. This usually involves sitting in front of her computer screen in her pajamas, thinking of reasons why she shouldn’t go to the gym. At certain times, though, she is forced to get dressed and go out to do battle with the world.

Yesterday, the main floor toilet started to flush in a -never-ending cycle. Now Husband, as is his penchant, handily fixed it several times, each time announcing that the deed was done. LBL suggested that a new toilet might be in order. Now Husband countered that a new toilet wouldn’t allow him to keep fixing the old one. LBL pointed out the erroneous use of the word “fixing.”

One more never-ending flush brought Now Husband to admit defeat. The plan was to go to Home Depot later and check out toilets…

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