Words of My Fantasy Democratic Candidate for President 2020

Life in the Boomer Lane

(Note to Readers: Life in the Boomer Lane has recently been appalled by the predictable silence that has followed the Vegas massacre, the proposed new tax code,  the administration announcement that fossil fuels will prevent both sexual abuse and reduce climate change, and a just-viewed recruitment video posted by the NRA in June. And now, 26 people have been gunned down while they worshipped in a church in Texas. A clever, sarcastic post will not suffice.

She apologizes for her wrath and for her language. She is having a temporary out-of-body event, and she is sure that she will eventually settle down. In the meantime, she requests that no gun groupies, Trumpers, Fox news watchers, or anyone associated with the alt-right respond. She will not publish your comments. This may be the land of free speech, but LBL rules her own blog.)


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