5 Irritating things that irritate my irritated self


We all have those little things that irritate the SHIT out of us and unfortunately people who are close to us do those things,  so we can’t legit just lose your shit because they are doing something that irritate you, because… they are friends and also they have a WHOLE arsenal full of shots to fire right back at your irritating ass. *HI FRIENDS*

Me me me, I’m steak!

With all of that I will take the first friendly fire:

1. The no answer call…

Picture, if you will, you are busy, showering, working, eating, spending time with a close friend, literally anything other than being on your phone *GASP… I know right* and you get back to your phone to see a missed call *or 5, sorry Mom* from another friend, colleague or family member. ONLY. A. MISSED. CALL!!! Listen, I cannot express to you how irritated I get…

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