Have a Child? This is How Your World Will Change When You Are A Man

The Male Factor (TMF)

Single Father

You have heard enough of stories on how a single mother sacrifices her life’s best time for her children even when in reality it could be their own choice to be single mothers, and the luxury provided to their children was from the financial aid of their husbands. These stories have helped feminists gather many undue advantages for single mothers, who first decide to keep the man away from children and then claim victimhood. As a result of this double standard and almost no resistance from men’s groups (many MRAs feel that the child should be with the mother and the father should be happy with the distance), feminists have continued to demand new laws and benefits for single moms. Now, the situation is such that the father is not recognized anywhere except for payment of children’s dues.

Today, I will tell you what happens when a man has a…

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