Using Candy to Understand the World

Life in the Boomer Lane

Donald Trump Jr, devoted family man and bold slayer of large helpless mammals in Africa, took half of his daughter’s Halloween candy away, as a way to teach her the perils of socialism.  He told her that her candy was going to “some kid who sat at home.”  Life in the Boomer Lane is grateful her dad didn’t simply give her a gun to protect her candy, as a way of teaching her about the Second Amendment.

LBL doesn’t know about you, but she has personally never encountered a child who voluntarily sat out Halloween, enjoying his couch, rather than going out into the streets trolling for candy.  If such a child exists, she would like to know about him.  If anything, children are encouraged to hit the streets, in order to provide parents with a wider range of  candy than what they are sneaking from their own candy bowls.

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