This Is How Boys Are Forced To Become Providers – সহজ পাঠের (জটিল) গপ্পো

The Male Factor (TMF)

Sahaj Pathe Gappo, Colors of Innocence

তুই কারে বেশি ভালোবাসিস রে ?

আমি ? ত’রে….মা’রে….বাবা’রে..

সবচেয়ে বেশি কারে ভালোবাসিস ?

মা’রে…এই না না…ত’রে

তুই ?….

বাবারে ..

[whom do you love the most?/ me? you…mom…dad /whom do you love the most?/mom…oh no no…you/you?/dad..]

At an age when innocence showers love, at an age when simplicity enhances values of life, at an age when poverty can’t take away their smile, at that age of learning alphabets and starting to know their world, two kids Gopal and Chhotu was on the verge of losing their father. Their father was in his death bed after meeting with a deadly accident and family was on the brink of death by starving.

Bengali poet has expressed this feeling –

ক্ষুধার রাজ্যে পৃথিবী গদ্যময় –

পূর্ণিমা চাঁদ যেন ঝলসানো রুটি ।।

[“in the world of hunger, even full moon seems to be food item”].

The fate of two starving brothers Gopal and

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