Hasmeet Writes

You rise,

And fall,

And still go on.

You care,

You cry,

And still manage to love.

You are power,

You are life.

But still treated as a mice.

The beauty within,

Is unimaginable.

But still,

Your silhouette is what they savor.

You are the creator.

And the nurturer.

But your chains,

They tell a different story.

You are blamed.

You are tamed.

You are a prisoner,

In the hands of your creation.

They cheat,

They sly,

They rip off your mind.

And still,

With every single vein,

In your body,

Burning in flames.

You rise.

Rise like a Phoenix.

With love ever-flowing.

Oh! My love.

How? How on Earth?

How do you manage?

To be so forgiving?

They burnt you alive.

Threw you on a live pyre.

Your own blood.

It just kept quiet…

You were draped.

In silks and cotton.

In long flowing skirts.

Hoping to shut your…

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