This is the dumbest way to find world’s most dangerous cities

The Male Factor (TMF)

Thomson Reuters

Survey ranking of world cities – from Thomson Reuters survey site

What happens when you conduct an economic survey of rising price index and select only lower income group people to opine? Will you get correct indication of the economy? What happens when you ask strict vegetarians about the pros and cons of eating non-veg? Will you ever get correct comparison?

In a recent example, Thomson Reuters just did that. They set out to rank top 19 most dangerous megacities of the world and selected 20 ‘experts’ in women’s issues from each city to opine.

This survey conducted on four different parameters of public life, i.e. i) Sexual Violence, ii) Access to Healthcare, iii). Cultural Practices and iv). Economic Opportunities and asked one question in each area that needed to rank their city based on their perception.

On the sampling of respondents, the Thomson Reuters site states –

“Our list…

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