Making No Scents

Life in the Boomer Lane

Life in the Boomer lane has learned of two astonishing and depressing studies this week. One is that Trump’s supporters have brains that are not impacted in any way by anything their hero says or does. They are, however, wired to applaud anything he says.

We will bring back the fossil fuel industry, because that is what makes America great! (wild applause)

We will put solar panels on The Wall because solar is the way to go! (wild applause)


The Wall has just gotten higher and it will cost Mexico even more money!!! (wild applause)

The wall will have solar panels and so will cost Mexico less money! (wild applause)


We’ve put Wall St on notice!  No more Wall St types running this country and telling us what to do! (wild applause)

I’ve chosen the best and brightest folks from Wall St for my cabinet. What better people…

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