How To Survive a Marriage Apocalypse

Breaking Moulds

From a safe vantage point of The Other Side Of The Planet, I am beginning to take some time to process what I have been through. “Always Forward” has gotten me through the immediate aftermath of my marriage apocalypse, but the intention was never to ignore the past forever. In order to truly move forward, I need to face my fears and look back, to learn what I can from the wreckage.

When I do look back, the thing that stands out most is simply awe that I have survived.

I’ve had a lot of people telling me I’m “strong” or “brave” over the last few months since I shared my story. The truth is I don’t feel either of these things most moments of most days. But I am still alive. And so, in the hopes that my survival strategies might be of help to someone else, here is…

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