Love one Another

February is the month when we normally focus on romantic love.  But this year let’s look at what we might call “brotherly” (or “sisterly”) love.  This is what happens when we begin seeing not that person we might have a problem with but the divine light within them.  When we do this we will begin start caring for each other again instead of seeing everyone who disagrees with us as the “enemy.”  We might also stop fighting and at least start listening to each other.  Who knows, we might even stop insisting on being “right” and start seeking peace.

How did the world become such a mess?  I don’t know, but it’s a pretty good guess that people each of us may be blaming for causing the problems of the world are probably wondering the same thing. I do know our country has been damaged by the November election.  Many people are still traumatized. Children were exposed…

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