Life in the Boomer Lane

A lot of people worry about any number of ways their lives might be snuffed out, in this scary new world. Hordes of murderous immigrants pouring across our borders, nuclear war, super-resistant strains of bacteria, and the accelerating pace of climate change all occupy their thoughts. Yet, while many fret, others have made a plan. Whatever the holocaust may be, these folks are determined to survive. And they will do so, not by fleeing to the mountains with bottled water, dried food packets, assault rifles and an American flag, but in the manner they have been accustomed to: wearing their designer duds, having their manicures, checking their portfolios, and hiring nannies.

Thanks to Larry Hall, these folks can continue their privileged lifestyle in safety and comfort, while mayhem, in one form or another, obliterates the rest of us. Hall, the CEO, CEO of the Survival Condo Project

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