The March:Nursing, Pumping, and Diapering in the Name of Democracy

Life in the Boomer Lane

Life in the Boomer Lane marched with her daughter, 7-month-old grandson, a group of her daughters friends and their small children and babies. Needless to say, LBL was the only person in the group who also marched during the Vietnam War and was a member of Women’s Lib. For that reason, LBL considered herself to be a card-carrying member of the women’s rights movement, every bit as enlightened as her daughter and her daughter’s friends.

A lot of women had small children and babies in tow. During the march, babies were being nursed. LBL was completely on board with that. She had survived the era when nursing in public wasn’t accepted in polite society, and she,herself, had nursed her oldest child (discreetly covered) in an upscale restaurant in Georgetown, to the stares of those at table around her.

During this march, she was in for an awakening she hadn’t…

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