The Women’s March on Washington 1/21/17

Life in the Boomer Lane

My parents were Eastern European Jews, who came here in the years between WWI and WWII. When people hear this, most will say, “Well, luckily, they weren’t in Europe during the Nazis’ time.” That is correct. But, while they escaped Nazism, they lived the brutality that preceded it. They lived the massacres of the pogroms, they lived seeing family members shot in public. They  lived the reality of economic deprivation. They lived the upheaval of trying to survive in a territory that was constantly being fought over by two different countries, whose only common ground was a hatred for the Jews. The lucky ones, like my parents, made it out.

Others didn’t. One of my father’s older brothers had a job, a wife, and a young son. Confronted with the prospect of the difficulty and the uncertainty that would result from a move across the world, he chose to…

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