This New Orange Era: Rule by Tweet

Life in the Boomer Lane

It’s no secret that the PEOTUS prefers to convey vital information to the American public via Twitter.  Twitter has some distinct advantages. It allows short bursts of thought, without reference or analysis.  It is unfiltered.  It allows feedback only in the form of other Tweets, not in any real engagement.  It gives the Tweeter carte blanche with no real scrutiny.

It is a perfect platform for people to rant or vent or show a certain type of punchy cleverness. It is also valuable for responses to the Tweets of others or for anything at all.  It is a perfect way for a POTUS to keep in touch with people, to hype programs he has instituted, or to call attention to world issues. But Tweets whose sole purpose is to demean or degrade newspapers, journalists, or others who disagree with POTUS is another matter entirely. And any administration that uses Tweets…

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