Gender equality can’t bring happiness – study

The Male Factor (TMF)

Even though World Happiness Report 2016 states that more a country attains gender equality more they will be happy because of equitable distribution of assets, a detailed analysis of these two reports shows otherwise.

A comparison of top 20 happy countries from 2016 World Happiness Report and their corresponding ranking in terms of Gender Equality as mentioned in 2016 Global Gender Gap Report it is found that 13 out of 20 countries that had gained maximum happiness in last one decade have all slipped in their gender equality ranking –

gender-equality-cant-bring-happiness-study Most of the gainers of happiness have lost in gender parity

Out of rest of the seven countries, such data was not available for three countries and only four countries have shown improvement in gender parity while being happy.

It is also observed that out of the top 20 countries in Gender Equality per 2016 Global Gender Gap Report, only…

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