This New Orange Era: Sex, Sexism, and the Politics of Sex

Life in the Boomer Lane

rankinLife in the Boomer Lane would like to take credit for the term “this new orange era,” but it goes, instead, to one of her loyal readers, MaryN. Throughout the next four years, LBL will occasionally  be subjecting her readers to posts relating to our new orange reality. She has already accumulated a mental backlog of such topics: Steve Bannon and the rise of the alt-right, how to make gobs of money now by investing in Russian stock, why mainstream journalism is now in the cross-hairs, nepotism, how to be an activist with artificial knees and hips, the climate doesn’t care, the rise and power of millennials.

For several reasons, she will start with sex, and several words starting with the letters s-e-x.  This is partly because the divide between people over anything sex-related is as great a gulf as the divide between open carry and gun control. We…

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