Friday Fictioneers: Up From The Debris, We Rise (A Reminder, & Tribute To Maya Angelou)


Since I first read I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, as senior in high school, I have regularly turned to Maya Angelou for inspiration. This week, I have read this stunning poem more than once, may finally get it. Having laid myself bare on Huffington Post, on Election Day, only to feel more naked on Wednesday (made worse by taunts and hurtful comments on Twitter), this poem gives me hope today. It is a reminder, like this photo by Sandra Crook, that there is always color to be found.

Thank you to this supportive writing community for rising each week, to the 100-word challenge that Rochelle Wisoff-Fields throws down, and the beautiful positivity you spread. If you’d like to join us, check out her blog Addicted to Purple, for more details. As always, I appreciate honest, constructive feedback.

crook-roof © Sandra Crook

Up From The Debris, We…

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