Armageddon? Already Happening!

Children Of Light

i love this image - from Beauty of the Arts with thanks.

“The world will soon be at permanent war over shrinking resources – homo sapiens locked in a permanent fight for survival.” Sam Kiley

Small wonder that from Tehran to Tallahassee, large numbers of People of the Book (Muslims, Christians and Jews) believe that the End of Times is upon us.

Eschatological prophecies in these traditions are pretty similar. Broadly speaking there’s going to be a final battle between good and evil, a messiah will turn up or return, and the world (or at least the “enlightened” within it) will get first-class seats to and in heaven.

The so-called Islamic State believes the showdown will be in Dabiq, northern Syria. Christians and Jews think it’s been in Armageddon, modern day Megiddo in northern Israel. So they more or less agree on the geography.

This is all baloney of course.

Armageddon is already upon us.

Twenty years ago, the great Kenyan…

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