This study confirms giving women higher education is not in the best interest of a nation

The Male Factor (TMF)

A large number of highly educated women isn’t going to help a nation. New data released by World Economic Forum reveals high level of education remains as mere ornaments to them as these highly educated women do not contribute to the economy to the extent similarly educated males do.

Recently published Global Gender Gap Report, 2016 shows that countries that attained highest order of Educational equality and countries with higher proportion of women with tertiary education do not get equal contribution from these women in their labour force.

A study of 24 countries that have attained #1 position in Education Attainment in 2016 Global Gender Gap Report shows none except Denmark has equal participation of highly educated women in labour force even though in all these countries proportion of women with tertiary education is much higher compared to that of males.

education-parity-and-labour-force-participation Countries with highest Educational Parity shows low workforce participation

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